Spowdi | Who We Are
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Our Mission

Spowdis mission is to provide affordable solar powered water distribution solutions to enhance our end-users everyday life while beneifiting our planet.


Our Goal

Spowdis goal is to empower our end-users to improve their quality of life at an affordable cost while still protecting our Earth by saving water & reducing CO2 emissions.


Our Product

Spowdis unique water pump is capable of replacing traditional diesel pumps for agricultural, domestic and sanitary needs by using only one small solar panel with our patented water distribution system.


The whole system weighs less than 15 kg
and can be easily carried & mounted by
one person.

Cost Efficient

Powered by solar energy with no fuel and requiring low maintenance, means a lowered cost of ownership over time.


The pump can go dry and handle particles
such as gravel, mud & dirt without breaking down.

Time Saving

Can help save hours of work per day – hours that can be used for schooling or other income-generating activities.

User Friendly

All system components are easy to operate with no advanced reading skills or technical experiences required.

Water Saving

Extracts less water per hour (with a drip irrigation system), allowing groundwater levels to be protected and recover faster.