Spowdi | Spowdi Pump System Irrigation (SI1)
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Irrigation (SI1)
A Submersible Pump

The irrigation version of the Spowdi solar powered water distribution system utilizes the core 3 components:
The Pump, A Foldable Solar Panel & PMB.

System Data SI1

Max Flow Rate 42 L/min
Operation Hours (Solar Panel) 10 hours/day
Water Distribution (Solar Panel) Up to 25,000 L/day
Total Lifting Head Max 10m
Power Supply 12V
Power Consumption 40W (min) 70W (max)
Power Source Foldable 120W Solar Panel or any 12V Source
Total Weight 15 kg

Why choose the
Spowdi® pump system
for Irrigation?

The Spowdi system consists of a submersible pump and the system uses water effectively, benefiting both the farmers and the environment.



The Spowdi system
has been developed
and designed to
irrigate a one-acre farm,
with water collected
from an open
water reservoir
or a well.

Water Usage

Common irrigation techniques like flooding are gradually lowering groundwater levels. By using the Spowdi system with drip irrigation, the farmer can lower water usage by up to 80 %.


By providing the right amount of water over time instead of high volumes in one go, the crops will grow to a better quality product resulting in a better harvest and a higher income for the farmers.

Better Use
Of Time

By being a more effective pump, Spowdi can help free up time for women and children who are involved in manual irrigation. Dangerous “night time” irrigation can also stop.

For This Version

This version of the Spowdi pump system also offers
the following add-ons:

Pressure vessel – To be used for a stabilized water pressure

Grid connector – Adapter between PMB and the grid (110-230 volt AC to 12 volt DC)

12 volt adapter – To be used when connecting PMB to an external 12 volt battery or other 12 volt power source