Spowdi | Spowdi Pump System Domestic Water (SDW1)
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Domestic Water (SDW1)
A Submersible Pump

The domestic water version of the Spowdi pump system requires 3 components: The Pump, PMB & A Grid Connector.

System Data SI1

Max Flow Rate 10m Lifting 12 L / min
Max Flow Rate 15m Lifting 7 L / min
Operation Hours (Solar Panel) 10 hours / day
Operation Hours (Grid) 24 hours / day
Water Distribution (Solar Panel) Up to 7,200 L / day
Water Distribution (Grid) Up to 17,200 L / day
Power Supply 12V DC or 110-230V AC
Power Consumption 40W (min) 70W (max)
Power Source Any 12V Power Source or the Grid
Total Weight 15 kg

Why choose the
Spowdi® pump system
for Domestic Use?

The Spowdi system consists of a submersible pump and
can provide water distributions for buildings up to two floors, with or without access to the grid.



System can serve at least four families living in the same building, by using a one cubic meter rooftop tank.


The system starts filling
the rooftop tank
automatically as soon
as any person uses water
in the building.


The Spowdi system requires minimal maintenance cost and can be cleaned and maintained by the users.


The same system can be utilized for other domestic water needs such as watering the garden and etc.

For This Version

This version of the Spowdi pump system also offers
the following add-ons:

120 watt solar panel

Pressure vessel – To be used for a stabilized water pressure

Water level switch

12 volt adapter – To be used when connecting PMB to an external 12 volt battery or other 12 volt power source