Spowdi | “Big Ideas for the Small Farmers” – The Hindu Business Line
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“Big Ideas for the Small Farmers” – The Hindu Business Line

The Hindu Business Line recently wrote an article about Spowdi & its story, detailing the development of the solar-powered pump by CEO Henrik Johansson’s team, how it works and helps small farmers. The pump runs on solar, is portable, weighs only 15 kg and conserves water. Besides, there are additional cost savings for most Indian farmers as there is a subsidy scheme for those using solar pumps; the government pays back nearly 80 percent of the cost.

To read more, please click here.

About Spowdi

Spowdi AB is an innovative company focused on developing environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions that can improve the living conditions of millions of people worldwide. Our unique water pump is capable of replacing traditional diesel pumps for agricultural irrigation using a small solar panel. Our goal is to enable small-scale family farms to improve their life situation dramatically. Our solution will also save water and help farmers to increase their revenue while protecting the environment.