Spowdi | Solar Powered Water Distribution
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The Spowdi pump system is submersible & currently has

versions available for two applications:

Irrigation (SI1)

The SI1 has been designed for irrigating up to one acre, where water is drawn from an open water reservoir or from a well < 10 meters away.

Domestic Water (SDW1)

The SDW1 has been designed for domestic water distribution for buildings up to two stories high with or without access to the grid.

Robust Design

Does not break down when the pump is dry.

Functional even if
mud, gravel or other particles run through the system.

Operable in high temperatures & dusty conditions.


Saves ~80% of water usage for irrigation.

Low energy consumption (12 volt max 70 watt), operable by a small solar panel.

Protects natural resources by using power from the sun.

to Use

Intuitively designed
for ease of use.

System requires
only simple
installation and
is easy to operate
and to maintain.

Low Cost

Zero operational cost by using solar panels.

Maintenance costs are
very low
compared to
alternative solutions.

The system has a long
product life-time.

The Spowdi System

The Spowdi pump system is available in two versions,
and can consist of 3 components:

The Pump

The pump can pump up to 25,000 liters of water
on a sunny day.

Solar Panel

Only one small foldable solar panel is required for the Spowdi system for up to 10 hours of operation per day.


The PMB is the heart of the system and controls the pumping process.

Scaling towards
new applications

Our dedicated engineers, designers & test specialists are continuously improving the Spowdi system to scale towards new innovative applications that can help our end-users.

Patented Technology

The two current Spowdi solar powered water distribution systems were introduced after more than 10 years of R&D in our centers in Sweden, Spain & Taiwan, and have passed more 2,000 tests both in the lab and in the field.



of R&D



Passed in Labs & in Field


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